How to make a remote control airplane

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RC airplane construction with Fun Fly style aerobatics and easy flight ability.

Technical Specifications and Required Materials:

Body length: 680 mm
Wing length: 665 mm
Flight weight: About 490 g
Center of gravity: about 5.5-6 cm from the edge of the wing attacking
Required control system: Minimum 4 channels, 4 micro servo
Suitable battery: 11.1V 1000Mah Lipo battery (can be 1100-1300)
Suitable motor: 2205 - 2204 (1200-2400KV)
Suitable propeller: 6 × 4 with 2 blades or 5 × 4.5 with 3 blades



Elevator :

Rudder :

Remote Control, motor, ESC, Servo and Battery connections:


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